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Frequently Asked Questions

Business Listings

We are building the largest and most comprehensive construction industry business listings website with over 1100+ categories and large social media channels.

  • Your competitors might be on here
  • Your business can generate possible leads and ultimately make more sales
  • You can network with other suppliers and other companies on the site
  • Potential customers can find your business listing and contact you
  • Increase your company visibility online

You can signup and create a profile in the top menu or click Add Company that is found throughout the website and fill in all your details and create an account like that.


If you already created an account then you can directly add a listing if you are signed in or from your dashboard.

Alternatively you can click any Add Company button throughout the website.

Yes, we can create a business listing for you upon request.

Billing and Subscriptions

To run a high traffic website cost alot of overhead. 

  • Server resources
  • Bandwidth
  • Advertising and marketing costs
  • Lots of other costs …

By purchasing a paid listing supports us in running this website and helping thousands of businesses and potential customers.

We have 3 listing options to choose from: 

  • Option 1: Starter Listing – R199 per month / R1999 per year (2 months free)
  • Option 2: Standard Listing – R399 per month / R3999 per year (2 months free)
  • Option 3: Premium listing – R599 per month / R5999 per year (2 months free)

Select your plan

Yes, you can anytime purchase a standard or premium listing with more features.

Select your plan

You will receive an email to remind you before your listing expire and then you will have the option to login to your account and be able to renew your listing.

If you don’t make payment then your listing will automatically expire on the site and will no longer be visible.

Yes, you cancel your subscription by not paying for the next month or year.

Paid listings expire monthly or yearly depending on which option you chose.

If you don’t pay for the next month or year then your listing will expire and not be visible on the site. You will be notified before the listing expires that you can renew your listing.


We have 3 options for ad campaigns

  • 1. Spotlight – R100 per day
  • 2. Top Of Search – R100 per day
  • 3. Sidebar – R50 per day

You can specify for how many days you want the ad to run.

Go to this link my dashboard to setup Ad campaigns.

Yes, we can create a custom banner add for you on our homepage or other pages or categories.

This will be manual placed Ads from banner that you will send us. We will quote you for this option.

Contact us here to discuss.

Yes, we can create a blog post, newsletter or advertorial for you to promote your company in our blog.

Contact us here to discuss.

Yes, we can create a Facebook or Twitter post to promote your company.

Contact us here to discuss.

Company Dashboard and Statistics

To access your dashboard:

  • Log in to your account and in the dropdown select dashboard.
  • Go to this link my dashboard.

When you login and access your dashboard then you can do the following:

  • See company page views
  • Add new listing or update existing one
  • Add announcements
  • Add events
  • Reply to reviews
  • Setup Ad campaigns
  • and more …


Go to a company listing page and write your review.

Only logged in users can place reviews.

Go to a company listing page and write your review.

Only logged in users can place reviews.


Go to their company listing page and fill in the form to contact them or use their contact details on the page. The contact form is only available for claimed listings and paid plans.

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