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The Pool Heating Boss

We're the Boss of Pool Heating in South Africa

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Our pool solar collector panel, similar to that of the Israeli brand Heliocol, was developed in Cape Town South Africa more than 15 years ago. The pool panel proved to be efficient, aesthetically pleasing and have virtually zero wind load, which was essential for Cape Town or any windy areas.

The Hi Temp Sunseeker Pool Solar Panel was developed and manufactured, initially from a home garage, and was later manufactured in a factory in Killarney Gardens using the latest in machinery and materials. The Hi Temp Sunseeker Pool Solar Panel proved to be a great success and also a fraction of the price of the Israeli Heliocol Pool Solar Panel that needed to be imported.

The Sunseeker Solar Pool Collector took the South African market by storm. Initially just the Western Cape was targeted as the swimming pool water often never increased above the mid twenty’s. Many Capetonians threatened to ‘fill in’ their swimming pools as they only spent 30 days a year over a 3 month period using this for swimming. A swimming pool is a bad investment in the if unheated as you will hardly make use of it.

With more than a thousand Sunseeker Pool Heating Solar Collector Panels installed in the Western Cape, the panel proved to be great addition to any swimming pool. The Sunseeker Pool Panel was an affordable option for all pool owners.

5 years later the Sunseeker Pool Panels were introduced to Gauteng province and ironically the Kwa-Zulu Natal province. Who would have thought that pool owners in KZN would even consider pool heating as an option?


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