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Pretorius Structures

Steel Structure Construction Company

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A major player in steel structure construction

If you are planning to erect ANY type of Steel Structure, please speak to us. We have been in this industry since 1999 and the quality of our work, the testimony of many satisfied clients and our professional approach will convince you.

We operate locally, nationally and internationally and have done projects in Mozambique, Botswana, Gabon and all over South Africa.

All our structures are approved and certified by civil and structural engineers and we never take dangerous shortcuts. Designs/Structures of all kinds are done with the utmost care to safety, quality, structural specifications, local regulations and site conditions.

We comply with high standards of quality assurance and will provide you and your company with a safe working environment and comprehensive knowledge in the field of structural steel.

The importance of steel structures for the agricultural industry

Steel structures are widely used in the agricultural industry, for a number of applications such as the storage of produce, livestock shelter, processing , workshops, equipment storage and more. It is thus essential that these structures are quality structures that will meet the farmer / agriculturalist’s requirements and needs. The following factors should be considered when building a steel farm structure, to ensure an effective structure is built:

  • Location / site: The location of the structure is an important factor to consider. The structure needs to be easily accessible and near enough for the intended purpose. Consider aspects such as water points, security and communication. Transportations between buildings and processes should also be taken into consideration, as it should be kept to a minimum.
  • Type / Use: The intended use of the structure will be the main factor to determine the type, size and design of the structure. The steel farm structure needs to be large enough for its intended purpose, and meet the client’s needs in terms of application and functionality.
  • Optimise on floor space: The design of an A-frame house allows you to optimise on floor space and headspace, so that you can utilise each corner of your home effectively.
  • Flooring and doors: Take into account the type of flooring and doors (if required), to ensure it meets the client’s requirements. Pretorius Structures can assist with flooring, mezzanine floors and a variety of options for doors.

We are a Steel Structure Construction Company Specialising in:

  • Warehouse, Workshop, Factory Construction
  • A-Frame Houses
  • Installation of Foundation bolts
  • Standard Portal Frame Structures
  • Lattice type design structures with clear spans in excess of 30 m’s
  • Purpose build portal frame Structures – To Clients requirements
  • Crane structures – 5 ton and upwards
  • Structures fabricated from Cellular and Castellated beams
  • Mezzanine floors
  • All roof sheeting and wall cladding requirements
  • Thermal Insulation
  • Ventilation
  • Roller Shutter, Sliding & Hanger Doors
  • In-house workshop drawings using Tekla and Stru-Cad
  • Project Management
  • Certified 56 Ton 1 meter retractable remote-controlled truck mounted crane with a 30-meter lift capability
  • Certified 42 Ton 1 meter retractable remote-controlled truck mounted crane with a 24-meter lift capability for deliveries and erection of structural materials and structures. This unit consists of a horse and trailer combination that can extend to 22-meters in length for abnormal loads
  • Certified 3 Stage 17-meter JCB Telescopic Handler