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Clearview Fencing


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Clear View Fence was founded in late 2014, we have since expanded our reach from Johannesburg to the entirety of Gauteng. We provide the most aesthetically pleasing fences around. Our Clear View Fencing offers great perimeter security, the invisible fence makes it easier to see in and out of the property ensuring total protection.

Our business got it’s start through valuable long lasting client relationships which is why we try our very best to offer value to our customers. We are extremely customer orientated and if you aren’t happy, neither are we. For aesthetically pleasing and highly reliable Clear View fencing, call us now.

Features of an effective fencing design such as Clearview Fence:

The importance of choosing the correct fencing product for your property cannot be undervalued. The correct material and structure is needed to always ensure that the desired effectiveness, durability and force impact is achieved.

The following outlines a few essential requirements:

  • Climb and cut resistant.
  • CCTV Optimised.
  • Forced entry resistance – high levels of force impact testing.
  • Maintains visual surveillance lines to avoid hiding places.
  • Aesthetically pleasing
  • High durability