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SLCM Projects Pty Ltd


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SLCM Projects provides high-quality construction and maintenance services for residential, commercial, corporate, and industrial projects. We specialize in building construction, plastering, roofing, screeding, skimming, tiling, waterproofing, electrical services, painting, and repairs and maintenance. Our experienced team is dedicated to exceeding your expectations and ensuring your complete satisfaction, providing personalized service that is tailored to your specific needs. We use superior materials and techniques to deliver high-quality services that meet the highest standards, ensuring that your property looks its best and stays that way for years to come.



  • Tiling
  • General Construction
  • Paving
  • Roofing
  • Painting


Project Management and Scheduling
Developing and maintaining project schedules to ensure timely completion and overseeing all aspects of the construction project, from planning to completion.

Renovation, Remodelling and Maintenance
Upgrading existing structures to meet changing needs or aesthetic preferences. We also provide ongoing maintenance and repair services for buildings.

Specialty Electrical and Plumbing Services
Installing and repair electrical systems and wiring for residential, commercial, and industrial buildings. Installing plumbing systems, including pipes, fixtures, and fittings.

Project Budgeting and Cost Estimation
Analysis of project requirements, market conditions, and potential risks to develop accurate and realistic financial plans, providing cost estimates and maintaining budgetary control throughout the project.

Quality Control and Safety Management
Quality control planning , implementation inspection and testing of control measures to ensure the construction meets specified standards . Enforcing safety protocols to prevent accidents and ensure a safe working environment.

General Trading of Construction Materials
Supply materials needed to for residential and commercial projects. Knowledgeable sales staff assist customers select the right materials for their projects, providing technical advice and recommendations as needed.